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    6th March 2017  
    G & P condems portable battery recycling shambles  
    17th October 2014  
    Changes at the top at G & P Batteries  
    23rd June 2014  
    New sorting system doubles G & P’s sorting capacity  
    4th February  
    Fire at G & P’s Headquarters  
    22nd January  
    Moving on up...  
    14th January  
    Fire at G & P’s Headquarters  
    24th May  
    Michael Green named as EBRA Chairman for the third year running  
    19th March  
    Toyota Material Handling supports the environment by embracing used battery recycling process for forklift truck batteries  
    30th November  
    Clarification necessary on lead acid battery definitions  
    19th October  
    G & P installs Europe’s first automated waste battery sorting system  
    18th June  
    G & P spreads the word on ‘Safe for Life’ initiative  
    2nd April  
    Another first for G & P with automated waste battery sorting system  
    24th October  
    Watch out for your batteries  
    11th October  
    Battery recycling under the spotlight as new legislation bites  
    13th September  
    G & P Grows workforce to cope with waste battery influx  
    26th August  
    Lack of clarity in Europe over battery recycling efficiency targets  
    26th July  
    Waste Battery thefts could get you locked up  
    4th July  
    G  & P MD Elected Chairman of EBRA Board  
    1st July  
    G & P takes on Accumulators battery customers  
    11th February  
    MEP visits G & P on fact finding mission  
    4th November  
    Staightened Times lead to battery theft vulnerability  
    Don’t take short cuts round your Duty of Care  
    20th July  
    Local Authority input needed to achieve battery recycling targets  
    1st December 
    G & P are first past the post with ABTO and ABE approval  
    22nd January   
    Electric night for G & P with double award triumph  
    18th December   
    G &P launches anti-theft device for battery containers  
    16th September   
    G &P Battboxes launched in London theatres  
    6th July   
    Government response puts UK on track to miss Batteries Directive targets, fears G & P  
    2nd July   
    Glastonbury Stars use G & P’s unique BattBox  
    30th June   
    New Director of Operations for G & P  
    8th January  
    Beware Advice on Low–Energy Light Bulb Disposal  
    15th November   
    New portable waste battery collection scheme launched to UK businesses  
    1st November   
    Fleet Upgrade for G & P Batteries  
    13th July  
    Using a bogus waste battery collector could land you in court, warns G & P  
    2nd April  
    Are you up to speed on battery law enforcement?