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18th December 2008

G & P launches anti-theft device for battery containers


Waste battery theft is a perennial headache for the automotive industry, particularly when high lead prices tempt thieves to become more active.  Now G & P Batteries, the specialist waste battery collection and recycling company, has come up with a simple, yet effective solution.

The BattBrace is a specialist locking device, designed to fit on G & P’s Battery Banks for waste lead acid batteries.  The BattBrace is quick and easy to fit, keeps the lid firmly locked and comes with a padlock that cannot be cut with bolt cutters.


After a successful trial period G & P has now launched this additional service to all its customers. “The beauty of this device is its simplicity,” said G & P’s Managing Director, Michael Green.  “It also enables customers to choose more flexible storage options, safe in the knowledge that they cannot be tampered with.”

The BattBrace will only work on containers supplied by G & P and the company reminds waste producers that waste batteries should be stored in a secure area which is not accessible to the public when the site is unattended.  “If waste batteries are stolen from your premises, then this means that you are allowing Hazardous waste to be removed by an unauthorised collector and you could face prosecution,” warned Michael Green.


“Waste battery storage is about care and common sense but there is often confusion about what is the best method of storage for batteries.  That is why G & P offers customers a wide range of Battery Banks for safe and compliant storage of batteries prior to collection as well as a generic risk assessment for the safe storage and handling of waste batteries. Now we can also offer a practical device that can provide added protection against theft.”

The price of the BattBrace is available on application to G & P.  Please call 0121 568 3200 for more information on any aspect of waste battery collection, storage and recycling.