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18th June 2012

G & P spreads the word on ‘Safe for Life’ initiative


Safe for Life


Waste Battery collection and recycling company, G & P Batteries, is harnessing the success of its internal ‘Safe for Life’ initiative to spread the word to its customers and suppliers about the importance of good health and safety practices at work.

‘Safe for Life’ is a group-wide initiative developed by Andy Banks, the Health and Safety Director of G & P’s parent company, ECOBAT Technologies.  ECOBAT is the world’s largest producer of lead and all companies within the group have a connection with batteries, either via production of new lead, distribution and retailing of new batteries or collecting and recycling of waste batteries.  “This exposes all employees to a number of health, safety and environmental risks and it is vital for the correct procedures to be in place – and followed – to ensure staff remain safe whilst at work,” explained Andy Banks.

To underline the importance of the initiative, each individual company was encouraged to create its own approach to staying safe at work.  In the case of G & P, staff are encouraged to report any ‘safety hazards’, for example a trailing cable that could be a trip hazard or boxes left in corridors that could hinder evacuation in the event of a fire. The importance of hygiene during work breaks to remove any potentially hazardous chemicals from hands before eating food is also emphasised.

“By their very nature, batteries are hazardous so all our site operations are monitored very closely,” said Michael Green, Managing Director of G & P.  “But we have decided to take things one step further and acknowledge positively the contribution of those who flag up any issues that might compromise our ‘Safe for Life’ initiative. “Our aim is for all our staff to be leaving work as fit and healthy as they arrived.”

 Since ‘Safe for Life’ was introduced, G & P has seen a positive change in attitude to health and safety issues, which far from being a chore are now seen as a benefit.  “We now have cases where people pro-actively look out for their colleagues and point out potentially dangerous behaviour, for example walking downstairs whilst texting or failing to assess heavy objects before lifting them.  The Safe for Life culture means that staff are not afraid to point out the potential hazards, even to a superior.  Now we are encouraging that same level of concern to be extended to our contractors, suppliers and customers,” explained Michael Green.

G & P drivers sport the logos on their uniforms and all vehicle livery now incorporates the ‘Safe for Life’ logo.  The company’s aim is to spread the word, to make all who come into contact with the waste battery industry more aware of the potential hazards and to encourage them to minimise the risks to themselves, their colleagues and their environment.