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16th September 2008

G & P BattBoxes launched in London theatres


Stylish BattBoxes designed and serviced by leading waste battery collection and recycling company, G & P Batteries, are helping London theatres to ‘go green’.

In a joint initiative between the Mayor of London and WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) more than 200 BattBoxes have been distributed to theatre-land, together with 30 large battery tubes for those producing large quantities of battery waste.  Among those participating are the Victoria Palace theatre, where Billy Elliott is staged and the Queen’s theatre, home to Les Misérables. Some of the larger theatres estimate they can create up to 100 waste batteries per day, so the initiative is expected to collect significant numbers.  All the waste batteries will be taken to G & P’s  Darlaston headquarters, where they are sorted and recycled.

Waste battery recycling is one of the initiatives mentioned in the Mayor’s ‘Green Theatre: Taking Action on Climate Change’ plan, which was launched during the Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA) annual conference, held last week.  The Mayor said: “London's theatres make a vital contribution to the capital's economy and its productions and venues are renowned worldwide. The power of the industry to set an example in the fight against climate change is immense. There is great leadership evident throughout the ‘Green Theatre’ plan and schemes such as the battery-recycling one is a great example of the steps that can be taken to ‘green’ the industry.” 

The Mayor’s support for the scheme was welcomed by G & P Batteries’ Managing Director, Michael Green:  “The forthcoming Batteries Directive, which states that 25% of portable batteries must be collected for recycling by 2012, sets some tough targets for the UK. Currently we recycle only 3% of such batteries.  London’s theatres will generate waste batteries from microphones, headphones, radios and other equipment used during performances and we are pleased at the level of interest already shown in this service.  To have the support of the Mayor is further endorsement of the impact that responsible recycling of waste batteries can have on the environment.”

The BattBox was developed by G & P as a facility to capture portable waste batteries that are generated in the workplace, from laptops, mobile phones, clocks, calculators, wireless keyboards and smoke alarms, to name but a few. The G & P team researched the optimum size of a workplace based container and believed that a ‘tissue box’ sized receptacle was likely to prove most popular as it would fit easily onto a shelf or reception desk. The BattBox is 9cm high, 11 cm wide and 23cm long and holds approximately 5kg of waste batteries.  It is made from Priplak polypropylene, which is readily recyclable into a variety of industries, including the battery industry, where it is used as casings for automotive batteries.