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13th September 2011



Waste battery collection and recycling specialists G & P Batteries have increased their workforce by more than 10% this year, to cope with the additional volumes of waste batteries they are handling.

Since the introduction of the UK Waste Battery Regulations, the company has experienced a major increase in portable waste battery volumes in particular.  Currently G & P is handling more than 1.5 million portable batteries a week.  To cope with the additional quantities, 12 new jobs have been created. Most staff are based at G & P’s head office in Darlaston, West Midlands.

Certain areas of the business have also been restructured, in particular the transport and operations departments, to streamline efficiency.

Most of the new jobs are in the sorting team, where a second shift has been introduced to enable the working day to be extended from 6am to 8pm.  G & P’s Managing Director, Michael Green, explained the vital role the sorters play: “Portable batteries come in many different chemistries and they have to be identified and sorted correctly as errors can be very costly and damaging to the recyclers. Therefore, sorting is a critical first stage in the recycling process.

The other major change at G & P has been in the transport department, where a retail division has been created to service collections from retail outlets ranging from out of town supermarkets to high street electrical stores.  G & P has hired a number of new drivers, all of whom have required additional specialist training in dealing with hazardous waste and dangerous goods.

New jobs have also been created within the company’s finance and administration departments.

“We had always recognised the need to upscale our operation as volumes increase to meet the demands of UK legislation concerning waste battery collection targets,” said Michael Green.  “Over the last three years we have invested heavily in our site to streamline our operation and create the facilities which enable us to cope easily with larger volumes of waste batteries. This year the impact of portable battery recycling is starting to bite and this has been the year to invest in our staff.” 

“We feel confident that we have the overall strategy and organisational structure in place to meet the ever increasing volumes we will face as waste battery collection gathers momentum to reach the 45% collection target set for 2016,” he added.