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11th October 2011

Battery recycling under the spotlight as new legislation bites


Batteries are a key component of many items of business equipment – laptops, mobile phones, calculators...the list goes on. Now a leading waste battery collection and recycling company is making it easier for businesses to encourage battery recycling.

G & P is offering readers the opportunity to trial their battery recycling service with the offer of a free battery sack  Simply email enquiries@g-pbatt, with your contact details, putting ‘BFN Free Trial Battery Recycling Sack’ in the subject line.

“Despite the introduction of new legislation in 2010, there is still a widespread lack of awareness of the need to recycling batteries,” said G & P’s Managing Director, Michael Green.  “In making this free offer, we hope to encourage companies to realise just how many spent batteries they generate. Batteries contain harmful chemistries which, when sent to landfill, create heavy metal contamination which is damaging to the environment.  We all have a duty to minimise our environmental impact and this is a very simple way of making a positive contribution.”

G & P has a wide range of waste battery containers, suitable for batteries of any size and chemistry, from waste batteries from cars, vans and fork lift trucks down to small button cells.