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4th July 2011



Michael Green, Managing Director of G & P Batteries, has been elected Chairman of the 2011 Board of the European Battery Recycling Association (EBRA).  EBRA promotes the optimal collection, sorting and recycling of all used batteries in Europe.

The Association, which is headquartered in Brussels, was established in (date) to pool knowledge and information between its members to encourage best practice in all aspects of waste battery recycling and to collate statistics concerning the performance of individual member countries. 

Board members are elected each year from EBRA’s full members, with each place on the Board being offered to individuals who demonstrate commitment to driving the Association’s objectives and policies rather than for the companies they represent.

The 2011 Board comprises:

Michael Green, Managing Director, G&P Batteries, UK.  Chairman
Andreas Krebs,Managing Director, Batrec Industrie AG, Switzerland. Treasurer
Esteban Marijuan-Requeta, General Commercial Manager, Recypilas S.A., Spain)
Johan Van Peperzeel,  Managing Director, Van Peperzeel BV, Netherlands
Pascal Müller, President, Euro Dieuze Industrie, France
Bertrand Schutz, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Valdi, France.

In the coming months, EBRA will be working on a number of projects in relation to the battery recycling industry.  This will include collating yearly statistics relating to recycling tonnages in Europe, creating and maintaining a knowledge base to share best practice, representing members’ interests to the EU on the Recycling Efficiency targets and organising workshops.

Dr Alain Vassart, General Secretary of EBRA, said: “With the targets set by European Batteries Directive now beginning to bite in member countries throughout Europe, the need for increased battery recycling is even more imperative.  Some countries will have a long way to go and by pooling our knowledge and resources and communicating at both local and international level, EBRA has an important role to play in creating best practice throughout the industry.”

Michael Green added:  “The new Board comprises a number of influential players in the battery recycling industry and we are all committed to driving forward a number of projects which will create even higher standards of excellence.  The handling, storage and recycling of waste batteries presents a wide range of health, safety and environmental issues and by sharing best practice we can enhance the reputation of our industry across Europe.”