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4th February 2014

Fire at G & P’s Headquarters


A small fire occurred at G and P Batteries on Tuesday 4th February.  It broke out in a storage building on site as workers were sorting through damaged waste batteries from a fire which occurred on 14th January and involved 700 kgs of material. As it contained lithium waste batteries, the material had been taken to our safe lithium waste battery store area to be dealt with and while this was happening it is believed an internal short circuit in one of the cells caused the fire.

West Midlands Fire Service quickly brought the fire under control and whilst there was some smoke damage to the building, damage to stock was minimal.

One member of the team was checked by paramedics at the scene for the affects of smoke damage but did not need any treatment.

Michael Green, Managing Director of G & P Batteries said: "It is a reality that dealing with hazardous materials such as batteries does carry a risk of fire.  This latest incident is directly connected to the fire we had a couple of weeks ago, involving a single consignment waiting to be sorted. Material from that fire had been taken to our safe lithium battery storage area which is specially fitted with material to minimise damage and spread in the event of fire. We are pleased that this process seems to have worked well on this occasion."