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Industrial Batteries

The UK Battery Regulations define an industrial battery or battery pack as one which is:

(i) designed exclusively for industrial or professional uses;
(ii) used as a source of power for propulsion in an electric vehicle;
(iii) unsealed, but is not an automotive battery; or
(iv) sealed, but is not a portable battery.

Industrial Batteries


Chemistries and Applications

Industrial batteries encompass a wide range of chemistries, shapes, sizes and applications.

The main chemistries, and some example applications include the following, although this list is not exhaustive:

bullet point Lead acid batteries
    - Stand-by power
    - Fork-lift trucks
bullet point Alkaline manganese batteries
    - Electric Fence batteries
    - Prepayment meter packs
bullet point Primary (single-use) Lithium batteries
    - Electronic Devices
    - Medical Devices (Defibrillators)
bullet point Secondary (rechargeable) Lithium Ion batteries
    - Hybrid Vehicles
    - Medical
bullet point Nickel cadmium batteries
    - Stand-by Power
    - Emergency Lighting
bullet point Nickel metal hydride batteries
    - Hybrid Vehicles
    - Medical
bullet point Zinc carbon batteries
    - Agriculture
bullet point Silver oxide batteries
    - Aeronautical
bullet point Zinc chloride batteries
    - Road Beacons
bullet point Zinc air batteries/Air depolarised batteries
    - Hearing Aids
    - Clocks