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Health and Safety

Making Collections and dealing with waste batteries raises some very particular health and safety issues for G & P Batteries due to their hazardous nature.

The company has rigorous health, safety, quality and environmental systems and we seek to conduct our business in a way that avoids harm to our staff, contractors, suppliers and anyone on the sites we visit or who comes to our premises.

We hold regular health and safety review meetings to assess our performance.

Safe for Life


G & P operates the Ecobat Group’s ‘Safe for Life’ initiative, which was devised to ensure all employees stay safe at work.¬† Working with batteries exposes employees to a number of health, safety and environmental risks and it is vital for the correct procedures to be in place, and followed, by staff and visitors alike.

We actively encourage the reporting of any issues around our ‘Safe for Life’ initiative and have created a culture where staff are not afraid to point out any potential health or safety issue to a superior, if necessary.

Our Safe for Life initiative is actively promoted to contractors, suppliers and visitors, click here for more information.



G & P's Safety Vision


bullet point Whilst committed to the achievment of our business goals, the safety and welfare of everyone involved in and connected with our business is a core value, and we believe that nothing we do is worth getting harmed for.
bullet point We are committed to a goal of zero injuries.
bullet point We will achieve our goal through education, continuous improvement and the involvement of everyone in our team.

G&P  Safety Charter


This Charter was devised by the Management team and every member has signed a personal commitment to adhere to the following:

bullet point To believe in the principle that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable.
bullet point Everyone at G&P batteries is responsible for the health and safety performance of themselves and the other people on site.
bullet point Promotes effective two-way health and safety communication and focuses on safe behaviour.
bullet point To lead by example to achieve health and safety excellence.
bullet point Never to ignore an unsafe act and will always speak to the person involved.
bullet point Supports the principal that everyone working at G&P Batteries is empowered to question any act that is considered unsafe without fear of reprisal or ridicule.