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How we support our Customers

The principle of G & P’s standard service is straightforward:

bullet point When requested we provide our customers with at least one Battery Bank to store waste batteries safely.
bullet point When the container is nearly full, customers simply contact G & P and ask us to Collect.
bullet point We will come along a few days later, remove the full bin and leave an empty one in its place.

It is important that Battery Banks are monitored to ensure we have adequate notice to plan collections rather than waiting for them to become over-full before calling G & P.

Collection requests are dealt with by our Service Support team. Once all the necessary details have been verified, our transport department will plan the collection to take place within a few days.

If it is important that customers know when a collection will be made, they should let us know when placing a collection request and we will advise accordingly.

When our vehicle arrives to make the collection, the customer must sign a copy of the Consignment Note (which could be via an electronic key-pad) to confirm the material type and weight that has been collected from site. A copy of all the necessary paperwork, which assures compliance, will be left with the customer, or emailed.



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