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G & P Batteries was founded as a specialist waste battery collector in 1979. For nearly 20 years the company focussed solely on the collection of waste lead acid batteries, building a strong reputation and business success on the ability to trade waste batteries for the value of the lead they contain.

In 1996, the company was acquired by Recycling Services Group. At about this time the legislative environment changed dramatically with the introduction of the Special Waste Regulations (later to become the Hazardous Waste Regulations). These regulations imposed many more controls on the movement of waste batteries. They also occurred at a time of record falls in the price of metals, prompting G & P to change its approach from trading and evolve as a solutions provider for problem and hazardous wastes. The management took the opportunity to broaden the scope of what was offered to cover the collection and recycling service of any type of battery arising anywhere in the UK.

In 2005 G & P Batteries was acquired by Ecobat Technologies Ltd, becoming part of the world’s largest lead group.



Over recent years the company has built a reputation as the UK’s leading collector of all types of waste batteries, with a straightforward service offering to customers:

If you have waste batteries in any quantity, of any type, anywhere in the UK, we can collect them, and get them recycled professionally and in full compliance of all UK and EU legislation.

In the run up to the 2009 UK Waste Battery Regulations, G & P was at the forefront in advising both government and industry about the implications of the EU Batteries Directive, which required the UK to develop its own legislation to meet challenging targets for both the collection and recycling standards for waste batteries.

Today G & P is recognised as the leading authority on every kind of waste battery and battery powered appliance. The company is proud to be working closely both with the regulators and the Battery Compliance Schemes in their quest towards the UK meeting its targets for battery recycling.