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G & P Batteries is the UK’s leading authority on waste battery collection and recycling. We offer a nationwide service for the collection of every kind of waste battery or battery powered appliance. All batteries collected are taken to our headquarters in Darlaston, West Midlands where they are sorted into various chemistries and then stored until an optimum quantity is obtained for recycling. Wherever possible, waste batteries are recycled within the UK.


1979 Company founded. Trading focused solely on the collection of waste lead acid batteries.
1996 Company acquired by Recycling Services Group. New regulations governing waste batteries moves the business focus from metals trading to waste management.
2005 Company acquired by Eco-Bat Technologies, becoming part of the world's largest lead group.
2006 European Union passes Batteries Directive, which requires all member states to devise their own country's regulations on waste battery management and recycling and places responsibility on the producer for the collection and recycling of waste batteries. G & P plays an instrumental role in advising both government and industry on the implications of the Directive and how it could best be interpreted in the UK.
2009 UK Waste Battery Regulations introduced, incorporating collection targets for portable batteries and recycling efficiency targets for all battery types.
2010 Government appoints a number of Battery Compliance Schemes (BCSs) to be responsible for achieving EU targets for the collection of portable waste batteries. G & P appointed by the majority of the BCSs to handle waste battery collection and recycling. Automotive and industrial battery sectors are largely unaffected by legislation changes so work continues as normal.
2011 G & P introduces two divisions:
RETAIL, specialising in collections from smaller outfits.
INDUSTRIAL, which collects from automotive, commercial and larger retail sites.

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