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G & P’s collection service is managed from our West Midlands headquarters. We use the latest technology to record collection requests and optimise scheduling and routing for maximum fleet efficiency.

The fleet comprises a wide range of vehicles (from 1 tonne to 26 tonnes) to allow us to meet the access requirements of our customers and the volume of waste they produce, which can range from just 5kg to 28 tonnes.

We hold detailed records of every single site visited to ensure the most suitable vehicle is sent to make the collection.

In 2011 G & P introduced a Retail Division, which specialises in collections from retail outlets, which tend to have smaller collections. This works alongside our Industrial Division, which undertakes the collection of larger loads from automotive, commercial and retail sites. For exceptionally large or awkward waste batteries, G & P has a specialist team which can dismantle them on site before removal.



Unloading Batteries

All our vehicles are equipped with manual handling equipment to allow collection of waste batteries without the need for assistance from site personnel. Larger vehicles have mounted fork lift trucks whilst smaller ones have pallet and sack trucks.

Most vehicles are equipped with scales to allow the weight of the collection to be recorded before it is removed from site.


The legislation surrounding the collection and transportation of waste batteries can be complex and complying can be onerous as it is regularly updated and extended. For more information please click here.